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There are a lot of single Coptic men and women in Western society that are hamstrung by a compulsion to observe community tradition and divine instruction.They have not been in a relationship or are struggling to find the right person because they have strong convictions to adhere to values from their ancestral as interpreted by Imam Abu Hanifa, an eighth-century Iraqi scholar who founded one of Sunni Islam's four jurisprudential schools.For Christians the rules depend on which church you belong to; Protestant evangelicals are more tolerant of divorce than are the Coptic Orthodox, for instance, and Syrian Orthodox regulations stipulate—among other things—that a man may not marry a woman who breastfed him.Islam, for instance, forbids a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man.

When the church refused Hani Wasfi Naguib a second marriage after his divorce, he sued Pope Shenouda in Cairo's Administrative Court, which adjudicates matters of legal procedure.

This is so even though the biblical edicts concerning the prohibition on sexual immorality apply equally to men and women.

Families are more likely to scrutinize the actions of their daughters than their sons.

But, to put it bluntly, it not uncommon for intimate relationships to occur outside of marriage. Putting aside those who are for all intents and purposes, Westernized, Coptic men and women are left with a problem where there is a small pool of potential partners because of the enduring cultural differences between Copts and non-Copts in the West.

While I am aware of successful interracial relationships, I am also aware of unsuccessful interracial relationships.

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